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البرغموت الضروري النفط لالعطرية

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    سعر الوحدة: USD 45 / Kilogram
    الدفع نوع: L/C,T/T,Paypal,Money Gram,Western Union
    Incoterm: FOB,CFR,CIF,EXW
    أدني كمية الطلب: 1 Kilogram
    موعد التسليم: 3 أيام

معلومات أساسية

نموذج: ZX-001

Type: Pure Essential Oil

Purity: 100% Pure

Additional Info

تفاصيل التعبئة والتغليف: برميل من البلاستيك وزجاجة الألومنيوم

إنتاجية: 10000000000KG/YEAR

علامة تجارية: ZX

نقل: Ocean,Land,Air

مكان المنشأ: الصين

تفاصيل التجارة القدرة علي التوريد: 10000000000KG/YEAR

الشهادات: ISO9001,SC,FDA

رمز النظام المنسق: 3301299999

ميناء: GuangZhou,Shenzhen

وصف المنتج

الاسترخاء مجمع البرغموت الضروري النفط الروائح البرغموت الضروري النفط

وصف المنتج

Packing Option

1): 5,10,15,20,30,50,100 ml amber glass bottles

2): 1,2,5 kg aluminum bottle

3) :25,180 kg iron drum

4): Customized packing according to your request


Customized logo is welcome, packing according to your requirement.


1) Free sample is available, but not including the freight cost.

2) 3-6 days sample-time

Lead time

1) within 25-35 days,

2) within 15 days, FCL bulk purchase


1) 30% deposit, balance payment before shipment

2) TT,L/C, Western union, Paypal


1) Raw material purchase


Essential Oil available

Basil/Bergamot /Benzoin /Laurel/Black Pepper/Carrot seed/Cedar wood/Chamomile/Cinnamon/Citronella/ Clary Sage/ CloveLeaf/Coriander/Cypress/Eucalyptus/Fennel/Frankincense/Geranium/Ginger/Grapefruit/Hyssop/Jasmine/Juniper/Lavender/ Laurel/Lemon/Lemongrass/Lime/Mandarin/Marjoram/Melissa/Myrrh/Neroli/Niaouli/ Nutmeg/Orange/ Palmarosa / Patchouli/Peppermint/Petitgrain/Pine/Fennel/sweet/Rose/Rosemary/Rosewood/Sandalwood/ Spearmint/ Tea Tree/Thyme/Vetivert /Wintergreen / YlangYlang


1);Fumigation: drop a few of essential oil drops in water incense burner, smokeless candle

in furnace, heat the essence oil of fine molecules and aroma is full of indoor, can be pure

and fresh environment and improve the air quality, reduce bacteria in the air, pleasant,

improve health. The amount of essential oils depends on the size of the space.

2);Massage: massage can promote blood circulation, make the cell can quickly replenish oxygen and nutrients, muscle can get proper motion, make the skin more elastic, promote lymphatic transport, remove excess water, toxins and fat, make nerve relax, relax muscles, refreshed and decrease the appearance of wrinkles. Applying the essential oil into the base oil to make aromatherapy massage oil. According to your own needs, choose the suitable oil and base oil for your body conditioning

3);Bath: A: dip bath - add two to three water soluble essence oil in the tub filled with warm water and stir until evenly. Soak bath for about 10 to 15 minutes, and essence oil seeps from the surface of the skin to reach the healing effect. You can also choose a hand bath or a foot bath as needed. B :shower bath - add one or two drops of essence oil to the shower gel and apply it to the sponge

4);The cold; Add a few drops of soluble essence oil into the cold water, stir well and then put the  t owel in, gently twist to the excess water, apply the towel, cold compress headache, sprain

Main clients

1) America, England, Australia, France, India, Dubai, Turkey, Russia ,South Africa and Southeast Asia

2) cosmetics company, beauty salon and spa


Health: improve sexless,  nausea, vomit

Psychology :calm, sleep peacefully

Physiology: aphrodisiac, promoted vaginal secretion


1):undiluted essential oils are not allowed to contact the skin directly

2):pregnant ,children or skin allergic may not be used

3):place the bottle cap in a ventilated ,cool, and light place

bergamot essential oil

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  • البرغموت الضروري النفط لالعطرية
  • البرغموت الضروري النفط لالعطرية
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