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مستخلص نبات طبيعي زيت الليمون لرسالة الروائح

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نموذج: zx-888

Product Name: Lemon Oil

Supply Type: OEM/ODM

Keywords: Lemon Oil

Purity: 100% Pure And Natural

Certification: FDA/MSDS/GMP

Sample: Free Sample

Volume: 10ml/15ml/30ml/120ml/others

Material: Lemon

Function: Skin Care Health Care

Package: Customized Package

Additional Info

تفاصيل التعبئة والتغليف: تفاصيل التغليف 25kg / drum في اسطوانة بلاستيكية ، 180kg / drum في اسطوانة الصلب المجلفن ، التعبئة القياسية التصدير.

إنتاجية: 100000000000 pieces

علامة تجارية: تشونغ شيانغ الزيوت الأساسية

نقل: Ocean,Land,Air

مكان المنشأ: جيانغشي ، الصين

تفاصيل التجارة القدرة علي التوريد: 100000000000 pieces/year

الشهادات: FDA/MSDS/ISO9001/GMP/COA

رمز النظام المنسق: 3301299999

ميناء: Shenzhen,Shanghai,Guangzhou

وصف المنتج

وصف المنتج
زيت الليمون العضوي النقي 100٪ مصنوع من قشور الليمون الحقيقي ويحتوي على تطهير طبيعي وخصائص تطهير تساعد على صحة الجلد ونظام مناعة صحي. ومن المعروف أيضا زيت الليمون النقي النقي غير المكرر لرائحته المنعشة والطازجة ويمكن استخدامه كمطهر مطهر ، والروائح لتنعش غرفتك أو كمنظف منزلي طبيعي.
Product name
Lemon essential oil
Extraction Method
Cold pressing
Extraction Part:
colorless or light yellow to yellow brown clear transparent oil
Sample provided
10ml/15ml/30ml/Customers custom
Guarantee period
Eight to ten months

The main efficacy
1)It can refresh the mind, refresh the spirit, relieve irritability and purify the air.
2)Lemon essential oil soothes and relieves headaches and migraines, as well as arthritis and rheumatism by combining the body's acids.It also helps clean acne, greasy skin and hair, and remove dead skin cells.
3)Lemon essential oil improves circulatory function, including promoting blood circulation to lower blood pressure and stop nosebleeds.

The skin effecacy
1)It can remove dead cells, bright skin color, compact microvascular, promote collagen production, dilute melanin, have a purifying effect on greasy hair and skin, can soften scar tissue.
2)Improve oily skin, clean, astringent, balance oil secretion and whiten skin.
3)Used to remove corns, flat warts and general warts are very effective, can also soften scar tissue, prevent nail bifurcation crack.Maintain skin gentle whitening, prevent wrinkles, increase skin gloss, fade freckles, help oily skin reduce sebum secretion, in addition to corns, warts and so on.

The psychological effecacy
1)The excellent tonic of circulation system, make blood unblocked, reduce the pressure of varicose veins.
2)White blood cells, all kinds of knife wounds or trauma are applicable, hemostasis, help wound healing, adjust the whole digestive system, gastric disease, gastric ulcer has a certain effect.
3)Prevent cold, reduce fever, slow down skin aging, help digestion, prevent mosquito bites, gingival inflammation, oral ulcer.
The physiological effecacy 
1)When feeling hot and irritable, can bring pure and fresh feeling, help clarify a thought.
1.Essential oil is best not taken internally
2.Pure essential oils must be diluted before use
3.This product may have allergic reactions to a small number of people. If you feel uncomfortable, please stop using it immediately and consult your doctor.
1)Skin care preparation method: directly use the base oil (2ml base oil :1d single essential oil) after blending the base oil in a certain proportion, or drop appropriate amount into the face cream, toner, massage cream and facial mask;Also used to prepare flower water.
2)Massage method: it is used for mixing other essential oils or diluting the base oil for massage.
3)Dip bath method: when bathing, drop a few drops of essential oil into the bath, which can relax the nerves, eliminate fatigue and lubricate the skin.
4)Protect hair law: drop 1-2 drops of essential oil in the shampoo that USES at a time or protect hair element, undertake massage to raise hair to protect hair
5)Fume sweet law: drip a few essential oil to fume sweet appliance to heat send out, can purify environment, slow, loosen spirit.
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lemon oil
lemon oil
lemon oil
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  • مستخلص نبات طبيعي زيت الليمون لرسالة الروائح
  • مستخلص نبات طبيعي زيت الليمون لرسالة الروائح
  • مستخلص نبات طبيعي زيت الليمون لرسالة الروائح
  • مستخلص نبات طبيعي زيت الليمون لرسالة الروائح
  • مستخلص نبات طبيعي زيت الليمون لرسالة الروائح
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